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   Bryan was our to  ur guide on 26 October, 2012 for our trip to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors.  Bryan met us at the airport and had us driven to the the Terracotta Warriors.  On the way, he gave us a brief history lesson pertinent to the exhibit and we discussed Xian.  Bryan's excellent English and fund of knowledge made our tour of the Warriors very interesting.  We then went to a museum about the Warriors.  Bryan was very open and honest with us.  We were able to exchange information about ourselves, our families, our ways of life and our forms of government and this made our time with Bryan even more interesting.  We highly recommend Bryan as a tour guide if you are planning to come to Xian.

                                                                           _Mark Stern (USA)

   We visited Xian in October 2012 ADN user the services of Bryan who proved to be an excellent guide.  Bryan speaker very good English and also studied history. He is very knowledgeable, giving many information and interesting facts.  He has also a very good sense of humour. We thoroughly enjoyed our day in his company.  He is very genuine, kind and very patient answering all our questions. He certainly knows his stuff.  An additional plus, the driver he uses is very good.
    Bryan made sure we enjoyed our stay, gave good recommendations for restaurant.

                                                                  _ Catherine Blyth (French)

    We visited Xi'an, China in September 2012 and hired Bryan to be our tour guide.  Bryan went out of his way to help us plan a wonderful itinerary that made the most of our short two-day visit.  Bryan arranged transportation for us from the airport to our hotel.  Bryan is very knowledgeable about Chinese history and he shared his knowledge as we visited the Terra Cotta Warrior museum.  It was amazing and Bryan's stories helped it to really come alive for us.  In the afternoon, Bryan took us to visit the Great Mosque and shared his knowledge of architecture and Chinese Muslim culture.  In the evening, Bryan arranged for us to attend a wonderful dumpling banquet followed by the Tang Dynasty Show.  The dinner was great and it was the perfect way to conclude our day in Xi'an.  Bryan also looked out for us in helping us to go to the ATM and helping us shop for groceries.  The following day, he personally accompanied us to the train station and ensured that we were settled on board the train before he said goodbye.  Bryan's guide fees were very reasonable.  His assistance and expert knowledge really helped to make our short visit in Xi'an special.  I consider Bryan our friend and I highly recommend him as a tour guide.
                                                                       _Mark.Hickman (USA)

    Whenever you plan a visit to Xian - you have only one choice!!! - Get in contact with Bryanbai and book him as your personal tour guide.
    I spent 3 days in Xian in September 2012. Directly from the beginning he treated me as a friend. Everything went more than smoothly. Pick-up at the airport, transfer to the hotel..... His knowledge about Xian and all the sightseeing points was more than fantastic and I got familiar with Chinese history and the normal day-to-day life.
    Even in a very uncomfortable situation, when we suddenly found us in the middle of thousands of Chinese demonstrants with burning cars and broken windows and were not able to use the car, he brought me home very safely - thanks for this.
    Bryan, hope to see you again in Xian.
    Warm regards,

    Whilst looking online for a guide who could show us the min sights of Xian within one day, I came across Bryan's name on several forums, including Tripadvisor. All of the comments were excellent and on this basis I contacted him via Sinotrip. Bryan replied very fast and was able to propose an itinery that suited our needs, 
   Bryan met us at the airport and arranged a fantastic day for us. Of course the Terracotta Warriors were the highlight but also the city wall and the Great Mosque are not to be missed. Bryan's organization was faultless, his explanations clear and interesting with some numerous anecdotes. The car and driver were great and despite the busy traffic we managed to accomplish all tha was promised before being returned safely to the airport.
     Bryan is a genuine, honest and good hearted man who obviously takes great pride in ensuring that you enjoy your time in Xian.
     Thanks again Bryanbaichei for a fantastic day.
                                                                          _Neil Barber(British)

   I recently completed a business trip to Beijing and made a quick side trip to Xi'an. It never occurred to me to look here for a guide. Instead I got a recommendation from work colleagues. When I saw his website http://www.xianhistorytourguide.com/ I could tell he was high quality. Bryan responded very promptly to my inquiry and all pre-trip contact and organization was smooth. I had a special request to change his suggested itinerary for the day, and he was willing to be flexible. He and his driver were early to pick me up, and he immediately began providing lots of information about the history and culture of Xi'an. We spent a full day sight-seeing and he made all the logistics like ticket-buying and souvenir shopping seamless. Lunch at the noodle shop outside the usual tourist scene was delicious. Bryan's English and knowledge are excellent and he is very friendly and sincere. I have a much deeper understanding of Chinese history, culture, and religion than I would have if I were simply reading signs or a guidebook. It was a great experience. I can highly recommend Bryan to anyone.
                                                                              _Cyndy Parr (USA)

     I had a full day tour in Xi'an led by Bryan Bai and it was excellent. Our trip included the terra cotta soldiers, a great lunch at a local noodle house, the Ban Po matriarchal village, and the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum.
    Bryan was very adaptable as I changed at the last minute what I wanted to see based on what I had done earlier in my trip. Bryan has great English (I'm from the US) and plenty of knowledge about the sites we saw and their history. The driver we used was also great. I would highly recommend Bryan to someone visiting Xi'an.
                                                                 _Steven Commer (USA)

     We were lucky enough to have Bryan Bai as our tour guide in Xian a week ago. We had searched the internet prior to leaving Oz and Bryan's name kept coming up, obviously it was fate! Anyway, I can know confirm that everything that has been previously written about Bryan is absolutely 100% correct!!
    Bryan and his driver, Mr Lee picked us up from the airport, after having to wait over an hour as the flight was delayed from Shanghai. We had quite a hair raising experience with the taxi driver in Shanghai, so we were a little nervous. No need to worry, Mr Lee turned out to be a very courteous and carefull driver who drove his pride and joy (people mover van) with care and attention. We made the most of what was left of the day going to the City Wall for a bike ride. Bryan went with us to check in at the hotel and ensure that all was as it should be. He showed us how to get to the Muslim Quarter and gave us advice on eating and shopping.
    The next morning we set off for the highlight of our visit the Terracotta Warriors. We had been warned about the lack of personal space when visiting a well populated country like China. I really didn't have a problem with it at all and I think alot of it wasdown to having a guide. The beauty of a guide is that they assist when there is a language breakdown, they ease you through the throngs of people, know the best times to visit to avoid the crowds, know the short-cuts, best spots to take photo's and make the visit a very personal experience. Bryan did it all. He has a great knowledge of history, he explained in detail all about the warriors even down to how the individual hair styles disctated the rank of the soldier. We also had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and meander around the site at leisure. After a lunch of noodles, on our way back to the city we visited a small traditional village and had a quick look at an old farmer's cave. As we were walking around the village we met an old man pushing a cart, we stopped to take a photo and it turned out that he made souvenier miniature warriors. Of course we had to buy some. These are the ones that sell for about 10-50rmb each at the usual tourist shops. I think we paid about 5rmb each. Always better to buy direct from the manufacturer!! We headed back to town to finish off our tour. When it came to say goodbye at the end of a fantastic day Bryan wanted to make sure that we had no problems getting to the airport the next morning. He gave us clear instructions about where to get a taxi and how much we should pay. He even went so far as to write it out in Chinese so we could show the driver and which told him the price we were prepared to pay. Bryan I must tell you we didn't even have to walk far from the hotel, a taxi driver approached us outside McDonald's and was more than happy to take us to the airport for 150rmb when we showed him your note! We feel that having Bryan as our guide made our short visit to Xian even more memorable. He has a great knowledge of history and also gave us an insight into modern life for him and his family. He was more than happy to answer all our curious questions. I can highly recommend Bryan whether your stay is long or short, he will make sure you get the most out of your time in Xian and leave you feeling like you really have made a friend. Thank you Bryan for all your help and for being a great guide.
                                                                          _Carron (Australia)

    I would like to recommend Brian Bay for local guide of Xian. He has a wonderful knowledge of local history, his english is excellent and he loves his job as a tour guide. To Brian Bay being a guide is a liftestyle. He is dedicated, enthusiastic and highly professional. But what makes Brian special is his kindness and helpfulness. He helped us send a parcel from the post office - I doubt we could have done it ourselves, sending a parcel from China to Europe is quite complicated. We had to fill in an address in Xian - and Brian Bay suggested that we used his private address. And so we did - because we knew that we could trust him if anything went wrong.
    One more thing that shows Brians helpfullness: We wanted to see the Terracottas and the historic museum on day 1. Day 2 we only needed Brians help to get the tickets to the Tang Show. Or so we thought. Although it was Brians day off, he insisted on guiding us to the show to make sure we were allright. He had ordered the dumbling dinner (very delicious) and made a reservation for good tickets. He also insisted on showing us the muslim mosque and helped us bargain in the bazaar (good for us, not so good for the saleswoman - had we been on our own we would have paid double and believed we did a good bargain...)
    At the Terracottas he brought us to a local noodlerestaurant - the meal was delicious. And cheap.
    I also want to recommend Brians Bays driver. He is by far the best driver we came across in China. We felt safe every minute. The van/minibus is new and confortable.
    We felt sad leaving Xian and Brian Bay - it felt as if we said goodbye to a friend. How many guides do you think of as a friend? Not many.
                                                           _Foral’s family (Denmark)

    I would simply just say AGREE with the original poster. Had Bryan as a tour guide Thursday 20th of September.
    He speaks excellent english! Did the TerraCotta Warriors, Big Pagoda and Small Pagoda and The Great Mosque (tried finding it alone, it was hard).
    His knowledge of history is excellent. I like to take a lot of pictures so he adapted and he made me feel that this is your trip. He was only there to help and guide. After TCW we had lunch at a local noodle restaurant. VERY good food and very cheap.
    In the city centre he also helped my bying some things I wanted.
    He is HIGHLY recommended. Had a great day.
    (The driver we had was also excellent. Probably the best driving I have experienced in China till this day.)

     I can also highly recommend Bryan. Over the course of a day and a half, Oct 14 & 15 (2012), he took us to the Han Yanling Museum, the Shaanxi History Museum, the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum & the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Also to the wonderful local noodle restaurant near the TC Museum (as others have said, the meal was wonderful and inexpensive).
    Bryan is supremely knowledgeable about Chinese history in general, and Xi'an's local history in particular. The depth of his knowledge is extensive, and he shares it in a manner both interesting and easy to understand (his English skills are excellent). His answers are never canned: they're tailored to the very specifics of the questions asked. He also has a wonderful, gentle nature that makes it a pleasure to spend time with him.
    Bryan also arranged transportation for us to and from the airport. We had the same driver for both transfers, as well as for our day-long trip to the TC Warriors, etc. His driver (Mr. Li) is excellent at maneuvering the chaotic roads and highways of Xi'an, and we always felt very secure with him at the wheel. After a few hair-raising taxi rides in Beijing, we were delighted to ride with the trustworthy Mr. Li.
    Another unusual thing about Bryan is his insistence on making sure that everything about his clients' stay in Xi'an goes well, even if he hasn't arranged it. In our case, he came with us into our hotel and made sure that our check-in went smoothly and that we were given a room in the preferred wing of the hotel. As it turns out, it made a big difference that we were in the wing Bryan arranged for us, and we were thankful for his unexpected help with this. I'm guessing that most other guides would have simply dropped us off at the hotel entrance (after all, that's what we'd contracted for). But not Bryan; he's not satisfied until he's sure everything will go well for his clients.
    Finally, Bryan has gotten so popular as a Xi'an tour guide that he's often booked well in advance. We booked his services 4 or 5 months ahead of our trip, just to make sure he'd be available. I doubt you have to book quite that early, but certainly don't wait 'til the last minute. Once you know your dates, get in touch with him. And, enjoy Xi'an!
                                                                     _Acacia Winner (USA)

       A few friends and I hired Bryanbai as a guide for a day in Xi'an to visit the Terra Cotta warriors and a few other sites and he was great. We definitely recommend him - we were even able to hire him only a few days out. He is local to Xi'an has a lot of history knowledge (including a degree I think) and was able to answer all of our questions about the city, Chinese history, and daily life in China. He treated us as friends, took us to a delicious, non-touristy noodle shop for lunch, and was flexible in the sites we saw (definitely go to the mosque in Xi'an). If you're looking for a guide for the city I doubt you can do better than Bryan.
                                                                       _Galibria Dong (USA)

        We spent some time with Bryan Bai as our guide in Xian. Bryan was attentive and punctual. Bryan has great English communication skills. He is also very knowledgeable in Chinese History. Bryan provided opportunities for us to visit the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum, a Chinese Art museum, the Muslim Quarter, the city wall, a beautify local park and some of the temples in a very efficient manner. We also got to see the fountain night show near the Big Goose Pagoda. Bryan did not try to persuade us into any shopping trip at all. He even scouted out restaurant options for us around our Hostel on his own time. On top of that, he came to the airport to send us off making sure that we were taken care of and were comfortable till the very end of our stay in Xian. Bryan is reliable and trustworthy.
                                                                        _Mar’s family (Canada )

     My family and I just returned from a 3 week trip to China/Tibet and Nepal and used Bryans services as a tour guide in Xian .
    I could not recommed his services more and would not hesitate to use him again if ever in Xian. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with . Our kids ages 10 and 12 , also enjoyed the day and Bryan seemed to cater to their needs quite well.
    Ken ,Liliana , Isabella and Max
                                                                        _Ken’s family (USA)

     Just wanted to let you know I had a great one day tour of several Xi'an historical sites with Mr. Bryanbai Chen. I found Bryan on Synotrip (http://www.synotrip.com/bryanbai) and he had numerous glowing reviews from several satisfied clients. You can also find his personal website here: http://www.xianhistorytourguide.com.
    I booked Bryan well in advance knowing I would be in Xi'an and need airport transfers to and from the Hilton Xi'an (after hearing horror stories about taxi touts), as well as needing to get to out of the way sights like Hanyangling (Tomb of Emperor Jingdi). Bryan was extremely responsive via email, and after a couple back and forth messages about itinerary, we settled on a price suitable for both of us.
    We hit Hanyangling on the way from the airport, then headed to the impressive Shaanxi Provincial Museum and scenic Big Wild Goose Pagoda. From the minute we were in the private van driven by Mr. Li, Bryan had so much useful knowledge to convey about the history of Shaanxi province, Xi'an, and China. Not only was he a wealth of information, Bryan was fun and easygoing, happy to linger for extra photos or move on past another set of artifacts. We even went to a local noodle shop for lunch to experience how real people eat in Xi'an. If I had the funds, I would have also hired Bryan to guide me at the Terracotta Warriors, but I was able to manage to make it there and back on the #306 bus plus read the explanatory signage.
    Driver Li was there right on time at 5:15 AM to take me from the Hilton back to XIY Airport. I highly recommend Bryan's services for transfers and a knowledgeable and friendly guide.
                                                                            _Tom pipit (USA)

    I contacted Bryan as I saw his contact on the TripAdvisor forum. He arranged a car, driver and English-speaking guide for our group (5 of us), including 2-way airport transfers, and 2-day itinerary in Xi'An that we tailored ourselves at a very reasonable price. The driver was always punctual, and the transportation makes everything a breeze. I would recommend such reliable service to anyone who's interesting in booking a tour/guide to travel around in Xi'an.
                                                                  _Carmen Huang ( Singapore)

     We also had a great experience with Bryan! He was not available the day that we wanted to see the Warriors, so he recommended Andrew, one of his colleagues. Andrew took very good care of us, and was flexible and friendly. We have two small children and he was able to help us zip through sites quickly before they got bored. When we returned to Xian we realized we had forgotten to get a small rock from the excavation site and when I contacted Bryan he offered to get one the next day when he was there for another tour. He then went out of his way to bring me the rock at the hotel. Above and beyond service...I highly recommend both Bryan and Andrew, as well as their driver, Mr. Li.
                                                                      _Johanna Garton (USA) 

   We were planning a side trip to Xi’an from Shanghai for a couple of days in December and not having done much research, we thought a private tour guide would be more efficient and make it more interesting for our short stay.
   Based on Bryan's forum posts and his web site,(www.xianhistorytourguide.com/index.html) I contacted him on short notice a few days ago and found out he was available to give us a two day tour. I booked this all by email and saw my name at the airport lobby. He and his driver Mr. Li picked us up at the airport with our bags and started our tour with the Emperor Qin Tomb archeological site that was located very near the airport. We then went to the Muslim street for lunch and a visit to the Great Mosque. Mr. Li stayed with our luggage so there was no need to stop at the hotel. On the way to our hotel we asked for recommendations for restaurants and he had a couple of places for us a short distance away. He came into the hotel to assist with providing Chinese language which was nice. The next morning we were picked up again and went to the terracotta warrior site. We even met the farmer who made the discovery this find. Bryan then had a path back to skip the tourist hawker strip and took us for lunch to where many of the workers go to eat. We ate at a hand pulled noodle shop which was very good and so cheap. We then went to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and learned about the traveling monk Xuan Zang who brought and translated Buddhist scriptures from India. And we finished up with a walk of the Xi’an city wall.
    Bryan Bai’s historical knowledge really made his tour very memorable. He adds some humor to keep it from being too dry. With the car, driver, and knowledge of his city, we thought his tour service was excellent and had great value. He gives you his cell number to assist with any language issues which is nice. I too would highly recommend him. Also it turns out that although December is cool, it is also not overrun with tourists. Many of the morning locations we seem to have it for ourselves.
                                                                              _Ken Kubota (USA)

       Just got back from a 17 day trip through China. Two of those days were guided by Bryan and they were FANTASTIC. We had just come from Beijing where we hired a guide as well and Bryan's tour was waaaaay better. He didn't bring us to any nasty little tourist traps with pushy salespeople like we experienced in other places. Everything we did was genuine! He took us to a local lunch spot with homeade noodles, while other tours hit up the huge tourist restaurants nearby. It was a huge relief that we were able to experience the actual culture of the city and not just the show put on for tourists. He is well spoken and very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone traveling to Xi'an whether they are English speaking or not. Having Bryan there to help us out and show us around for a couple days left us with two days to explore the city on our own. Bryan gave us some spectacular advice on where to go and what to eat (The famous soup dumplings in the muslim district were great, ask him about them!) To top it all off, my girlfriend and I were having issues with the airport, had an item in lost and found which we thought we would never get back due to language barriers. Bryan helped out on the phone days after we had finished our tour to help us get our lost item back! Seriously, if you want to have a great time with a fun guide I'd recommend hiring.                                      
                                                                           _Casey Reuter (USA)

  Bryan Bai guided our party of four on New Year's Day to the Terracotta Warriors museum and the Banpu museum. He and his driver were very considerate and courteous. Bryan has considerable knowledge of history and his explanations made our visits so much more interesting. He seemed to know how much information to feed us to keep us interested without overloading us. He advised us to have lunch at the TCW museum restaurant as his favourite noodle shop was closed that day. We had no complaints as the food was good and good value too. We had been to the muslim quarter by ourselves the previous day but had missed finding the main shopping alley so Bryan escorted us there at the end of our tour. We had also wanted to visit the tomb of emperor Jingdi but there was not enough time. However Bryan kindly arranged for his driver to take us there on the way to delivering us to the airport the next morning. Bryan charges a reasonable flat fee and is not motivated by commissions. (Other guides in China who charge a very low fee will push you to rush through too many attractions and visit shops so they collect more in commissions). Bryan allowed us to take our own time and never pushed us. Overall a very pleasant day for us. Thanks Bryan!
                                                                           _Clive Cater( AUS)


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