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     Early October this year, we are a group of individuals with various nationality and ethnic background :Chinese-American, Chinese-Canadian, Lao, Korean and Vietnamese American.
Our occupations range from Pharmacist to law enforcement officers to technicians for Boeing aircraft manufacturer.
     By chance we were traveling together to visit Xian, a world-renowned ancient Chinese Capital City. Thanks to Mr. Bryan Bai our tour guide, a very sociable gentleman who made our tour in Xian a very enjoyable and memorable trip.
      Mr. Bryanbai command of English language is excellent, his knowledge of Chinese history, society, cultures are of top notch. He is at ease with people in different social-economic classes 
      such as our group which consisted of Doctors and average workers, his world political views are of high caliber. At some point, with his knowledge and intellectual capacities,  He does change our perspectives concerning China in a very positive way, I write this letter with no exaggeration. With consensus, our group rate Mr.Bryanbai with outstanding high marks.
     As our tour came to a close, I encountered a procedural discrepancy, a typo mistake was found in my travel document by Xian Air terminal personnel, again Mr Beichen assisted me through 
     Different offices to get the problem solved under the witness and admiration of my fellow travelers.
     Last but not least, I want to commend Mr. Bryanbai and his colleague, our tour driver together they made our trip to Xian an educational, enjoyable and impressive one.  

                                                                  _ Vinh Thach.(USA)


        Bryan was fantastic! He was extremely knowledgeable (informative), passionate and flexible. Nothing was too much trouble. He was extremely organized and constantly checking ahead (e.g.  Flights without being asked) we would highly recommend Bryan.

                                                                  _ Wayne Axford
                               (deputy principal of Canning college Western Australia)

         We all 28 persons on the bus enjoyed your comments, your smiles and laughs, your tenderness, your excellent English, and your wealth of knowledge. We had six local guides on our trip in addition to our guide on the river cruise excluding the national guide, not that other local guides were not good, overall considering everything you were the best of all the local guides, not that we did not appreciate some of the others, we did, but as I said before, it is not only your excellent English but also your smiles, jokes, wide knowledge, and ease of listing to you.

                                                                     _Simon Shamoun(USA)

       Bryanbai is a very reliable and responsible guide in Xian. his communications and ground work done on your behalf is highly detailed. He listens to what you want and fits the tour around your wants. His love of his hometown of Xian is evident and he takes you to authentic scenic spots.  His knowledge of the history of Xian and China in general is impressive.  He does enjoy touring as much as you do.  You will never feel rushed or left alone; he is your personal guide the entire time.  Bryanbai is a take charge kind of guy and attends to every detail for you.  I can highly recommend Bryanbai. 

                                                                               _Kenocarina (USA)

         June 10th 2011. We had organized a tour of Xian with Bryan about 2 months before we arrived and had constant contact over following months prior to our arrival.
         When we arrived at the airport Bryan and his driver were there to meet us and as planned drove us to the hotel for the night, then next day collected us for the most awaited part of our trip the  terra-cotta museum and warriors, plus many interesting sites and information along the way, after leaving we had a half day tour of other interesting sites around Xian and Bryans total knowledge of the city and surrounding area was fantastic...
         This whole trip of ours to Xian was short but so fundamental in our journey of China, we have covered such a large area in such a short time and the tour arranged prior to leaving New Zealand with Bryan was so important that nothing could be left out... and it was 100%, Bryan totally surpassed my expectations and provided a total package from beginning to end. I highly rate Bryan and would recommend him to any one coming to Xian China, either on an extended stay or short trip like ours. He also is able to organize longer holidays through out China, so email him I can not fault any thing on our whole trip organized with him.
          Note: he provide what ever you want

                                                             _Stephen mangin (New  Zeland)

        Bryan was a very knowledgeable, courteous, patient and helpful tour guide. He arrived on time to collect us from the hotel as promised, his communication skills were great and he worked the tour around our own private requirements, working in with his own suggestions for the day. Bryan excelled in his services to us and I would highly recommend Bryan as a guide in Xi'AN. He is very passionate about his history and it comes across.
        Bryan also assisted us by referring us to a local place for a delicious dumpling banquet and wrote it in chinese for us to assist with the ordering. He was helpful in so many ways.
       Well done Bryan!

       I contacted Bryan at the last minute and indicated I wanted to get off the beaten path and see some of the countryside around Xi'an including life in an old village.  He swiftly arranged everything and I was not disappointed.  After being met exactly at the designated time at our hotel, we were taken to a village near the mountains to the south of the city.  We enjoyed walking around a bit.  A couple of the villagers invited us to see their houses and extended very unexpected hospitality to us.  Though we forgot to bring our camera, no fear, Bryan had his and took ample photos (and quite promptly after our return e-mailed them to me).  On our return we were taken to another village with a very old stone pagoda, not one commonly mentioned in the tour books, another unexpected surprise.  Both Bryan and his driver (Mr. Wang) were pleasant, prompt, reliable, honest, and very knowledgable.  I could not have asked for more.  I highly, highly recommend Bryan and will use his services again upon my return to Xi'an.  In fact, I see no reason to contact anyone else.
        If you want a great guide to take you to the popular sites or off the beaten path, Bryan is your guide.  He even had some outstanding tips for Xi'an's lively nightlife.  By the way, his command of the English language is superb.

                                                                        _Clint Brenrind(USA)

       I booked a last minute 2 day tour for myself and my daughter. Bryan had everything arranged with only 2 days notice Of all of the tour guides we had used in china, Bryan was by far the best, and most professional.

_Jack dillard(USA)                 

        Bryan was recommended by another great guide Sophie from Beijing .
        We were 4  coming to visit the Terra cotta warriors.  As we flew in late afternoon, Bryan picked us up at the airport, got us to our hotel, gave us useful info on the city of Xian.
        The next morning is was ready by our appointed time of 08;00 for the drive to see the warriors.
        He was extremely interesting with his information on this unique site, and the history surrounding the warrior and rulers of that time period.
        After a extensive visit of the complete sites, he got us to the airport for our return flight in plenty of time and was even helpful in getting us to the right flights, the correct areas etc .
       He is a very helpful, extremely knowledgeable guide that I would recommend completely.

                                                                       _ roger gagnon(Canada)

       My wife and i used Bryan's services in Xian.
       Bryan is an enthusiastic, energetic person with a very good command of English and wide knowledge of China's history. His driver, Mr. Wang, is a carefull, serious driver (a rare thing in China), and both of them will look after you from the moment you land until you check in for your next flight. In our experience Bryan was always on time and always helpful.
        I would strongly recomend him and would be happy to use his services again.


      I had Bryan as my tour guide in a very short visit to Xi’an. Since I only had one day I really needed someone I could trust. Bryan was really helpful, his knowledge of history is quiet impressive and he’ll organize a good plan for you. Moreover when I change my mind all sudden he had no problem and rearrange everything accordingly. He knows how to do his job and he is very professional at it.
       His English is very good and the driver he works with, Mr. Wang, is also very friendly and careful.
       I had a really good time in Xi’an both thanks to Bryan and the city itself so I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan!
       Just a though, you can try to find something in chinese history and then ask Bryan about it to test him, in my case he answered correctly in every detail!


        My husband and I hired Bryan for the day based on the recommendations on Synotrip and also after carefully looking through his personal website.  We have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent guide in Xi'an.  Our main objective was to hire a knowledgeable and experienced guide who was still passionate about sharing Xi'an (especially its rich history) with us.  Bryan fulfilled those expectations.  He is thorough and replies promptly to requests by email. Bryan took us to the Banpo Neolithic Museum, The Terracotta Warrior Army Museum, The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Great Mosque.  We were impressed with his enthusiasm for the Neolithic Sites as well as the details he pointed out that we would likely have missed if we had toured on our own.  At the Terracotta Warrior Museum he was patient despite the numerous pictures we took.  He explained things in detail, gave us insight into the history, the archeological findings and the again pointed out details we would have missed such as the tassels on the Bronze Chariot horses which were also made of bronze and looked like silk.  He described the methods that they utilized to make the tassel and if we asked any question which he wasn't sure of, he would not hesitate to tell us this, instead of giving us erroneous information.  The tour we had with Bryan showed a sensitivity and dedication that is ideal in a guide.  Bryan was punctual, always looked out for us and ensured we were comfortable and going at our own pace. The driver hired was a safe driver who was also very considerate.  At the end of the tour Bryan even gave us some pointers on where to eat the next night and also gave us his cell phone number to contact him in the event we had trouble during our travels in China.  He did not have to do this, and this went above and beyond what we would have expected in a guide.  You will not regret hiring Bryan. 


       We spend 2 very interesting days with Mr. Bryan in the very worth seeing city of Xian, we were very happy to have him as a guide with us. He is very good in formed about all historical things not only in Xian but also about the whole country of China. He brought us not only to the main point in Xian to the TERRAKOTTA ARMY, which was an incredible impression for us, we saw also many herbs in the market, we went to the archaeological museum and we visited the very interesting historical museum. He informed us in a very good english language about the essential things, so that we got in a short time a very good information. He attended us also to a dance show with a good lunch and showed us in a good restaurant how to eat "hot pot" dinner
       We can recommend Mr. Bryan for all interested persons as a very good, very kindly and very engaged guide, who wants to give the best to the guests.

                                                                         _Jochen Tolle(Germany)

       Thanks a lot, we really enjoyed it. The Terracotta army is one of the most incredible sites on earth... we are very glad we've seen it, and with a very good, competent and friendly guide too!
                                                                        _Frank Blinder (Switzerland)

      We hired Bryan for one of our 2 1/2 days in Xi'an and we cannot say enough good things about our time with him. Our main interest in having a guide was for the Terracotta Warriors. Having Bryan there definitely enhanced the experience. His knowledge, passion, and English is all superb. The warriors areone of the most amazing things you will ever see, so make sure you go all out for it with a guide like Bryan!
       For the rest of our days, Bryan gave us excellent advice on what to see. He also checked on us multiple times to make sure we were getting along ok. Having him around would have made our days even more enjoyable.
       We would highly recommend Bryan to anyone looking for a guide in Xi'an. In the end, he is a friend, not just a tour guide  
                                                                        _Russ Crisp (USA)

      Thank you Bryan for a wonderful day tour of Xian.  Not only was the tour very informative and enjoyable, your help with hotel check-in and collection from the train station was a nice personal touch.   The itinerary you proposed was fantastic as you took into consideration the 3 children traveling in our group who also thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
       For a knowledgeable and great English speaking guide in Xian, I highly recommend Bryan - you can't go wrong!
                                                                       _Denise Turner (Australia)

        My boyfriend and I went on a short trip to Xi’an during our vacation in China, and fortunately we were able to find Brian as our local guide. Our request was to see the highlights of the area, and so Brian designed the perfect itinerary for us: The Ban Po museum and the terracotta warrior’s museum in the morning, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Great Mosque in the afternoon and the Tang dynasty show with dumpling banquet in the evening. Just a wonderful day with one highlight after another.
        We started the tour early in the morning and ended it late in the evening. Brian was always around, though, also leaving us some time to have privacy. We did not have to worry about anything, such as how to get a home after the end of the show, how to find an ATM machine, or where to find a good tea store in order to get some souvenirs.
        I was very much impressed about Brian’s knowledge and his interest in history. So, anytime I was asking about details, he could give me an answer and explained me with a lot of patience.
        The other thing we really liked was to very good organization. We just finished our sightseeing program when it was about time to go to the Tang dynasty show. There, we had the best choice of food and definitely the best table of the whole hall – thanks to Brian’s timely organization.
        We very much a ppreciate Brian’s time and effort and we are very thankful for this great experience. Our good memories of Xian will last forever.

                                                                           _Beate Frank(Germany)

       My wife and I recently returned from a two week trip to China. As part of this trip we spent two days in Xi'an. Prior to leaving for China we arranged to have a private tour guide show us around - namely Bryanbai. I had only come across his name on this site, so I was unsure what to expect.
       I wanted to say that Bryan treated us very well, as if we were his friends. He showed us so much of Xi'an and taught us a great deal of the history of China. It was an absolute please to spend two days with him and his driver.
       Bryanbai was always careful to ensure that we were happy with his suggested itinerary and he had so much knowledge to share with us. His English was excellent.
       I recommend anyone who is travelling to Xi'an to have Bryanbai as their personal tour guide - you will not regret it.
Bryanbai even went out of his way to collect us from the train station early in the morning (we took the overnight train from Beijing) and dropped us off at the hotel.
       Bryanbai uses a driver to get around from place to place. This is great because it means we can all get dropped off at each attraction and Bryanbai can immediately begin the tour with us, whilst the driver was responsible for parking up nearby.
       You can view more details about Bryanbai here:
       Branbai - thank you for showing us your great city and treating us like your friends. I will recommend you to anyone I know travelling to Xi'an in the future.
       Many thanks,

                                                                  _Anthony Broomfield( British)

Hi bryanbaichen:
         We enjoyed our visit to Xian very much.  Thank you very much for all your help, especially with our lost suitcase.  You made our trip to Xian a lot of fun and trouble-free. 

                                                            _Lesley Foy’s family ((new zeland)

        If you really want to cover the important attractions expeditiously yet substantively and ecomonically, I can highly recommend Bryan (Bai) Chen, historytourguide@gmail.com. He speaks excellent English, knows the history of Xi'An extremely well, is very flexible and considerate and a pleasure to be with. I would also recommend hiring a car and driver, which Bryan and arrange.

                                                             _Sun ai ming and Tom ( USA)

        My husband and I had the opportunity to meet with Brianbai Jan 2012 for a full day tour. He was amazing...his English was clear as well as his historical knowledge. Brianbai was very organized and understanding when our plans changed last minute. He also had a great sense of humor that he incorporated in our conversations. We also required a car which Brianbai planned. I highly recommend using Brianbai if you are traveling to Xi'an!

                                                                     _Angie anofal(USA)

       Bryan's description of himself is very correct. He is indeed honest, patient, hard working and very responsible person. He was punctual, friendly and has an incredible knowledge of Chinese history. There were no questions he could not answer and his English was excellent. Bryan really took care of us, always concerned about our comfort and whether we were enjoying what we were seeing. He was very flexible and patient and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a guide in Xi'an. He is top-notch.

                                                         _Stromovitch’s family (Canada)

  My partner and I planned a short three day visit to Xi'An commencing 1 April. Prior to visiting China we had read some raving reviews in regards to a local Chinese man named Bryan Bai who offered a private tour guide service within Xi'An. There are not enough words to express just how happy we were with our choice and the service that Bryan provided us during our time in Xi'An. It is not an understatement to say that it was because of Bryan that we had such a wonderful and memorable time in China.
        We arrived I'm Xi'An via overnight sleeper train from Beijing. Bryan had organized to meet us at Xi'An railway station, and sure enough he was waiting when we arrived with a name card with our names on it and a huge welcoming smile. Bryan had also gone out of his way to purchase and organize our onward overnight sleeper train tickets from Xi'An to Shanghai we would take three days later.
        Bryan planned a one day tour for us to visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Soldier Museum with lunch at the Friendship Restauarant to witness some freshly hand made noodles. His custom itinerary also included a visit to the Ancient Wall, Eight Immortals Temple, Great Mosque and Mulsim Quarter as well as finishing the night off with the Tang Dynasty show and a dumpling buffet dinner. This was almost a 12 hour day.
        Bryan is very well educated in Chinese history and culture. He is incredibly versed with English and speaks better English than most Australians we know. Bryan's driver Mr Wong completes this power house duo team and their dynamic is just incredible. Mr Wong made us feel VIP- opening car doors for us, taking our heavy luggage from us, buying us cold bottled water after our tour. Both Bryan and Mr Wong were very patient and always willing to help and answer the myriad of questions we had about each site. Bryan constantly offered to take photos of us and would always give us just enough space and time when we were at each site.
        We were so pleased with Bryan and Mr Wong we asked if we could have his service for the next two days we still had in Xi'An however he was fully booked for the rest of the week. Having said this, whilst we were at the Tang Dynasty Show, Bryan had gone out of his way to write us an itinerary for the next day for us AND written all of the tourist destinations in Chinese so the taxi drivers would know where to take us!
       I could literally go on forever about how amazing Bryan is but you need to experience him for yourself! The day only cost my partner and I $1000 RMB for an almost 12 hour day. We thought that this price was far too little for the extraordinary service we received so we gave Bryan and Mr Wong a little more for their incredible service.
        The next night we receive a call in our hotel room. It was Bryan asking how our second day in Xi'An went with the itinerary he had written for us. Even after paying Bryan the day before and thinking that was that, Bryan goes out of his way to check up on us the next night.
Enough said. Check out his website at: http://www.xianhistorytourguide.com/ and ensure your visit to Xi'An is a memorable one!!!  

                                                                _ Za De La Cruz( Australia)

       Bryan Bai Chen was our personal Tour Guide for Xian on April 22 & 23, 2012.
       Bryan speaks fluent English and Mandarin. He is very knowledgeable with History and current events. We immediately liked him, he is sincere and patient with his clients. He makes sure we get the best deal possible. He tries to let us know that we need to hurry on in order for us to make it to the next tour site but always saying it to us in a nice way, because we become so engrossed in taking good photos of each site.
       Through his excellent knowledge of history, he brings to life what would be to others just stones and bricks. 
       He took good care of us, making sure that the restaurants we dine in are not only delicious, reasonably priced but most important, also serves clean food. 
       He accompanied us at Citadines Central Xian Hotel, and even reminded the front desk that there is an ongoing promotion of free breakfast for one person for the rate we got. The internet booking did not mention this to us. So he helped us to get the best deal possible, and see to it that we are checked in properly. Our other Beijing guide would just drop us off at the Hotel entrance, but not Bryan Bai Chen. He makes sure that we encounter no problems at the hotel.
        He entralled us with stories and the culture of Xian, the most ancient Chinese City, dating back to the New Stone Age. 
He must have told this stories to numerous people already, but he seemed to us to be telling it the first time, always interesting and with energy. 
He also makes sure we know how to get back to our hotel after our dinner, pointing out the landmarks we need to follow.
        He is a mature guide for more than 10 years already, that’s why he knows in advance what his clients need, like where the toilets are, in what area to start the museum tour (example: we don’t necessarily hav to start at pit 1 of the terracotta warriors ) which relics on display are originals and which are duplicates. The stories behind important items. And if we are short on time, he would show us shortcuts, and tell which are the most important items on display. 
        I would say that you would never go wrong if you choose Bryan Bai Chen as your personal tour guide. He is honest and trustworthy person, gives his unbiased opinions, and sees to his client's benefits. Both my husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan to any of our friends! Book him early; he is one of the top tour guides of Xian. He provides generous free advice in trip advisor forums, and that's where I so fortunately found him. By the way, we thought that with his credentials, his fees must be exorbitant. That’s why when he provided us with a quote, we were pleasantly surprised that his prices are very reasonable. We booked him immediately.
        That was 2 months before our tour date. I planned early, bec I don't want to be stressed out as I have plenty of office work to finish before the tour date starts. 
        He brought us to the airport and also made sure we are check in and flight is not delayed. He even called us on the phone to check if we have arrived at Beijing, and if our Beijing guide had fetched us or not! What a thoughtful guy! 
        We enjoyed so much our Xian trip. Xian is so steeped in Ancient History, in some ways its better than our Beijing trip. I think it must be because we were so lucky to have Bryan as our personal guide for Xian.
He is accompanied by Mr Wang, his private car driver, a safe & good driver. Bryan says, how can he be a good guide to us if he has to personally drive the car? 
        So that's a lesson for us! Don't get a driver and tour guide in one, bec he would be so attentive in driving, he wont be able to concentrate in speaking to his clients then. 
        Try to get in touch with Bryan at bryanbaichen@yahoo.com.cn
I always believe that part of what makes a good tour is your choice of a good guide, makes you worry free!

                                                      _Joyce sua(Republic of the Philippines )

      We used Bryan Bai as a tour guide to take us to the Longmen Caves from Xi'an. He is an honest, friendly and intelligent guide. He speaks English quite well. We thought he was a real gentleman. He charged us 500 rmb for the day. His e-mail is historytourguide@gmail.com

                                                                     _Sandy Doherty (USA)

        We used Bryan in October. He was excellent. We recommended him to several friends who also found him highly professional.

                                                                             _Esslle (USA)

       Bryan Bai was our tour guide in March for a day and we highly recommend him. He and a driver took us to the terra cotta warriors, the great mosque, the temple of the eight immortals and a few other spots. We had a fantastic day - one of the best days of our 10 day trip to China. Bryan is very knowledgeable, kind and interesting. He taught us a great deal about Chinese history and culture. He was prompt. His English is excellent and it was easy to communicate with him. We had one day on our own in xian as well and he recommended an itinerary for us and a few restaurants. His rate is very reasonable as welL. Definitely if you are spending time in xian - hire Bryan! He is a top rate tour guide and has been guiding travelers in Xi'an for many years.

                                                                    _Allen Goldstein (USA).

       My family had a great time and spoke very highly of you and how professional everything was. 
       I have a friend coming to Xi'an in October and I have passed on your details to her. My son and I will also come to Xi'an sometime in the next year too.

                                                                          _Nico s ( British)

       My husband and son went on a 4-day trip to Xian recently and they had an excellent tour guide, Bryan Bai. He was very knowledgeable and helpful, and planned a comprehensive and interesting itinerary for the short trip. Bryan was not free on the second day and recommended another excellent guide, Andrew.

        Visited April 2012                                   _Rseah (Singapore)

        A message for fellow travelers who are visiting Xi'an, China to see the terra-cotta soldiers and warriors museum - get a guide! I don't mean a guide book (though you should get one of those too,) I mean a real live guide.
        We spent several weeks looking for a tour guide for our two-day stay in Xi'an and after countless hours of research and talking to other Tripadvisor members, we decided to go with Bryan Bai. We weren't sure what to expect at first, but his recommendations spoke true of him. He is an intelligent, well-spoken, personable tour guide who made our terra-cotta warrior experience one of the best days we had during our two week vacation.
        If you're going to go see the exhibit, make sure you allot more than 2 hours to see it all, at least 2 but probably no more than 4 hours is sufficient to see the major exhibits, and spend some time in the tourist market afterwards (if you are into that sort of thing.)
        The reason I recommend hiring a guide like we did is because there is so much history to behind the creation, destruction, discovery and repair of these clay warriors, that to not hear it from the mouth of a local is to do yourself a great disservice during your trip. While I'm sure that there are many good guides in the area, we chose Bryan because of his personal recommendations, education, experience and fluency of the English language.
        Our trip started at around 9:00AM when Bryan and a driver, Mr. Lee, came to pick us up in a modern van with WORKING AC and tinted windows, these things are hard to come by in China - especially all at once. They were very courteous and friendly, helped us load our luggage into the vehicle and we were off for the day.
        Our first stop was the Banpo museum in Xi'an, where Bryan took us through the major archaeological excavation site and clearly explained all of the history behind the tribe, its rituals and cultural insights, and the continuing efforts by archaeologists to better understand them. He was able to answer all of our questions, and kept talking about the different books he read about the information in, so we were definitely getting the most truthful and reliable answers.
        After the Banpo museum we spent the rest of the day at the terra-cotta soldiers and warriors museum. Seeing the 6,000+ sculptures of men and horses was breathtaking and incredible. Again, Bryan shared with us the history of the soldiers, why they were made, when they were made, how long it took to make them, and everything in between. We were able to stop whenever we pleased to take lots of photos, and Bryan showed us some of the best photo-spots at the museum. When we went to see some of the indoor-replica exhibits, Bryan knew of all the "short cuts" so we weren't stuck standing in line and could make the most our of our day. We even got to take a photo with one of the farmers who first discovered the buried soldiers and warriors!
        After leaving the museum, we were off to the Xi'an airport where Bryan helped us into the airport with our luggage, stayed with us and helped translate while we checked in and got seats on the plane, and didn't leave our side until we were ready to go and on our way.
        In all, if you're going to China, Xi'an in particular, you absolutely MUST see the Terra-Cotta Soldiers and Warriors exhibits, and if you want to do it the right way, get yourself a knowledgeable tour guide who will help you understand and remember these memorable sites.
        If you want more info on the tour guide we used, please don't hesitate to contact me!

                                                                                                                                                                                                  _Christopher M ( USA)

         For those who need a guide for Xi'an area for one-day or longer:
        We recently utilized the services of Bryan Baichen. His email address is posted below.
        I do not hesitate to recommend Bryan. His communication via email was timely and responsive; he asked many questions to determine what we wanted our day to include. He arranged for a driver, who effortlessly transported us to the various sites, and was always waiting for us upon our return.
        Bryan has a good grasp of the history of the area; he provided both the historical and cultural background of the Shaanxi area, but he also made the guided presentation very interesting at each stop by gauging our pace and level of interaction desired. He asked a lot of questions to determine what we wanted to see and how long we wanted to spend at each stop. As an example of his sensitivity and ability to match the day to our interests, he made sure to direct us to a quick breakfast and rest after arriving via the overnight train from Beijing. Most importantly, he made sure that we were safely back on the plane to Beijing that same evening, even negotiating a transfer to an earlier flight and obtaining seating. He literally saved the day for us on this act alone!
        You will not regret using Bryan for your guide while in Xian!

                                                                _marilyn whiteley ( USA)


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