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My Commitments
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       My Commitments

A: I will make you who are interested in the history of XI’AN and China have wonderful times and memorial experience when you travel with me. Meanwhile I will also sincere and earnest to provide service to help you to fit in your lifestyle and suit your needs about your tour in XI’AN.

B: I can assure you that I will never include money making shopping trip in your tour and other similar such scams.

C: I will respond to all your travel enquiries on the first time ( in 12 hours )

        My Service

A: I will provide the English speaking guide service for the all the historical sites in XI’AN.(up to 8 hours)

B: I can create a personalized itinerary for you. Beside historical sites,  the Hua Mountain -one of the holy mountain in China, Wild panda zoo, delicious local cuisine, exquisite Chinese style ancient houses, local folk fairs are all display their own features to appeal overwhelming overseas tourists. I can tailor your tour plan and put those features in it. I can also help you to book the Tang dynasty dancing and singing show, and local dumping banquet for you.

C: I can provide transportation arrangement for airport pick up and send off  by car or van in terms of your need and hotel booking service with competitive price.

       My tour routes

     I had already created some typical itinerary schedule which covers all the historical remains in XI’AN. You can choose anyone you prefer.

  A. One day:
The Terra-cotta warriors museum; Ban PO village museum; The Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

B. One and half day: The Terra-cotta warriors museum; Ban PO village museum: The Big Wild Goose Pagoda; City wall; The Great Mosque and Muslim street.

C. Two days: The Terra-cotta warriors museum; Ban PO village museum: The Big Wild Goose Pagoda; City wall; The Great Mosque and Muslim street;The Shaanxi history museum; The museum of stone forest.

D.  Two days and half: The Terra-cotta warriors museum; Ban PO village museum; The Big Wild Goose Pagoda; City wall; The Great Mosque and Muslim street; The Shaanxi history museum; The museum of stone forest and Little Wild Goose Pagoda and City museum of XI’AN.

E.  Personal designed tour.

     In order to enhance your tour experience, I also can design some special tours for you ,like the students Chinese cultural experience tours; the local Buddhist temple tours; the local Folk custom plus countryside tours; the local gourmet tours; the local ancient architecture tours may meet your needs.( I can send the itinerary in details to your mail-address).

1.Special recommendation tour routes:

(1) One day tour to the countryside of Xian: Guanzhong Folk Art museum and CaoTang temple by the private car.

(2) One day tour to the Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple by the Bullet trains.

(3) Two days tour to the Holy Taoists Wudang Mountain by the private car.

2. “Meet the locals” tours

     In order to help you to blend in the local culture, I can arrange a unique tour experience in my home town.

(1) Local Taiji ( Chinese Shadow boxing) practice lesson.

     Learn Taiji lesson by a local teacher,Ms Lu. She is qualified Taiji teacher, who has been practicing Taiji for 17 years, she will teach you how to practice Taiji hand by hand and help you to understand the essence of the Taiji boxing through the Chinese traditional Yin and Yang theory .

(2) Local people family visit and cook your own Chinese lunch.

      A visit with a local family in their home makes for a unique experience, Learn about life in China from a local resident’s perspective. They will also teach you how to make authentic delicious dumplings and noodles in their home. Enjoy a meal together and make home some wonderful memories.

(3) Special archaeological antique tours.

      Visit a special exhibition of the city museum of Xian( in the little wild goose pagoda) where the archaeologists will explain you the historical backgrounds of 300 years old Qing dynasty porcelain, 1200 years old Tang dynasty gold and silver wears , 2000 years old Han dynasty bronze mirrors, etc highlights’ artifacts through the academic perspective , you will also have very rare opportunity to touch those antiques by your gloved hands to feel the dignified Chinese history by this special tour.


   Early October this year, we are a group of individuals with various nationality and ethnic background :Chinese-American, Chinese-Canadian, Lao, Korean and Vietnamese American.
Our occupations range from Pharmacist to law enforcement officers to technicians for Boeing aircraft manufacturer.
     By chance we were traveling together to visit Xian, a world-renowned ancient Chinese Capital City. Thanks to Mr. Bryan Bai our tour guide, a very sociable gentleman who made our tour in Xian a very enjoyable and memorable trip.
      Mr. Bryanbai command of English language is excellent, his knowledge of Chinese history, society, cultures are of top notch. He is at ease with people in different social-economic classes 
      such as our group which consisted of Doctors and average workers, his world political views are of high caliber. At some point, with his knowledge and intellectual capacities,  He does change our perspectives concerning China in a very positive way, I write this letter with no exaggeration. With consensus, our group rate Mr.Bryanbai with outstanding high marks.
     As our tour came to a close, I encountered a procedural discrepancy, a typo mistake was found in my travel document by Xian Air terminal personnel, again Mr Beichen assisted me through 
     Different offices to get the problem solved under the witness and admiration of my fellow travelers.
     Last but not least, I want to commend Mr. Bryanbai and his colleague, our tour driver together they made our trip to Xian an educational, enjoyable and impressive one.  

                                                                                  - Vinh Thach.(USA)


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