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The Museum of Stone Forest

XI’AN BinLin was initially founded in A.D 1087 .With continuous conservation and supplement in the past dynasties, there are 7 table showroom,6 table corridors and 7 table pavillions at present with more than 3000 pieces collections of stone tables and epitaphs, in which above 1000 pieces are being exhibited.Here numerous stone tables stand like forest with different calligraphy styles and most famous calligraphers in Chinese history.There is also a large quantity of historical records and inscriptions perserved here, such as Kaicheng Stone Classics of Tang Dynasty, 114 stone tables formed into rows of screens, total 650,000 words,Stone-base Classic of Filial Piety with unique structure was prefaced, written and noted by Emperor of Tang Dynasty. Table of Nestorianism from Roman Empire Prevailing in China and Monk Bukong Table indicate historical facts of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. In addition many stone-carved patterns have been preserved, they are the treasure of Chinese ancient arts of calligraphy, the largest museum of stone tables and stone carvings. The art of stone carving is an important component of the splendid culture in ancient China,especially in the powerful Han and Tang Dynasties resulted in brilliant achievements in stone carvings. There are more than 100 typical stone sculptures in different ages shown in XI’ AN stone carvings showroom



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