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The City Wall

The XI’AN City Wall is not only the most complete city wall that has survived in China.It is also one of the largest and most complete ancient military defence systems in the world.The walls were built on the fortification systems in the world. They form a rectangle with a circumference of 14 km. You will have a eyeview of all city when you climb the wall.

But these walls have been repaired, strengthened, and extended so many times that it is usually impossible to say when any of them were originally built. To the early Chinese a wall was so necessary for a settlement that they used the same word-ch’eng-to mean either “city” or “Wall”.

    Chinese city walls are a reminder of the insecurity of life and property so common in the Middle Kingdom for long periods of time. The frequent appearance of marauding armies and rampaging invaders compelled people living in cities and towns to look after their own defenses. The inhabitants of the many tiny villages were less fortunate. They could find safety only in flight.

     The huge gates of City walls are among China’s most precious architectural treasures. Many city walls and gates have been torn down to make way for modern needs like the city wall in Bei jing, but fortunately others have been preserved. City wall of Xi’an is only one left in China.



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