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Gao jia ancient –styled folk house

          The former residence of GAO Yue song is located at No.144 of Bei Yuan Men Xian. The whole villa covers an area of 2517m. In total, there are 86 rooms of which 56 rooms are open to the public. It is mainly a brick and wood structure. GAO Yue Song was born in Zhen Jing, jing Su province. 200 years ago, he took the imperial examination and placed second. All seven generations of the GAO family got official position in the Royal palace.
          In 1966, the government confiscated the residence. It was listed as ‘ key project of Sino-Norway Historical Districts Protection’ in 1999, and invested in by Norway. The residence was thoroughly repaired, and won the ‘Prize for Cultural Heritage Protection in Asian-pacific Area of UNCESO’ in 2002. In 2003, the art department of Xian Traditional Chinese Painting institute took charge of renovation for the residence. It was assigned as the teaching base for the Architecture Department Norway Trondheim University and postgraduate of Xia Architecture and Technology University, and as the research base for the institute of Famous Historical and Cultural city Research of Chang’an University.
        The main contents involves: architecture of Ming and Qin dynasties, old furniture. Couplet culture of traditional folk residence, brick carving, tea house, paper-cuttings, shadow show performance, calligraphy and paintings .



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