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Short History of China

Short History of Xi'an

Chronological Chart


    Chinese legends say that the first man, called P’an-ku, lived 18,000 years, and that he spent his lifetime creating the earth and the sky. He kept growing, according to legend, until his tears were so heavy that they became the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, his breath the wind and his words the thunder. Upon his death, the parts of his body became the Five Sacred Mountain of China, his flesh the streams and seas, his hair the plants, and his eyes the sun and the moon.
     The legends assert that three equally awesome rulers followed P’an-ku: the lords of the heaven, earth, and man. The first two also lived 18,000 years; each had twelve heads the bodies of serpents, and the feet of beasts. They served to prop up the sky with the mountains of Tibet, and to prepare the earth for the coming of man.



      Xi’an, formerly known as Chang’an, finds his origin 3100 years back, at the Yellow River. During these years Chang’an has been the capital of China for a period of 13 dynasties, such as:
    •  Western Chou-dynasty (1100 BC. – 771BC.)
    •  Qin-dynasty (221BC. - 206BC.)
    •  Western Han-dynasty (206BC. - 24 AD.)
    •  Tang-dynasty (618AD. - 907AD.)
    During these periods Chang’an was one of the most developed cities of the World. Between the 11th and the 8th centuries b.c the capital of the Chou-dynasty was Hao. It was located in the north of China, a few kilometers west of today’s Xi'an. Although the Chou-dynasty moved to Luoyang in 771 BC., Hao remained one of the largest cities in



       CHINA       THE WEST
        BC         BC
 2205  Hsia Dynasty   2169  Babylon founded
 1766  Shang Dynasty   2000  Stonehenge
...... ......
1122 Chou Dynasty 1000 Assyria rules
...... ......
220 Qin dynasty 469 Socrates born
206 Han Dynasty 323 Alexander dies
...... ......
589 Sui Dynasty Yang TI’s reign Grand Canal Great Wall repaired  
...... ......
618 Tang Dynasty  
...... ......
960 Sung Dynasty was established  
....... ......
1215 Mongols in Beijing(Yuan dynasty)  
...... ......
1384 Ming dynasty was established  
...... ......
1645 Manchus in Beijing( Qing dynasty) 1611 Louis XIV
 ...... ......



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