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Short Introduction

           My name is bryanbai. I am a licensed professional tour guide, introducing tourists of many nationalities to Xi’an since 1999. This website was created by myself to the friends who want to travel the city of Xi’an. Whether you’re visiting Xi’an or just interested, you can have an idea about history of my city scrolling through the pages.

         Chinese history was my major course when I studied in university. In my spare time, reading historical books and taking seasonal pictures about my hometown are most favorable hobbies. I have been working in the tourist industry as a licensed English intermediate level tour guide almost 12 years. Now I still love all the historical sights and the great treasures exhibited in the museums of Xi’an. Meanwhile, I want to find the rule of the Chinese history and uncover the code of the changing dynasties from the books I read, and share them with my friends in great passion before you want to visit Xi’an.

       I am an honest, patient, down-to-earth and very responsible person. From almost 900 groups I had taken, I had not only won a lot of their compliment but also established long-term friendship with former tourists by my sincere service and hard-working job.

       I believe that to be a good guide, you need to be honest, professionalism, willing to listen, permanent learning, passion and a humble, relaxed, approach to any kind of competence, the pleasure to do their jobs, eager to learn new thing for everyday.
       Come with me to travel in my hometown, I will be your reliable local cultural ambassador.

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